Costco Membership Pages

Stakeholders: Costco leadership

Agency: Deloitte Digital

My role: Sole UX writer

Overview: Costco is a members-only warehouse club famous for wide selection, bulk products, low prices, generous return policy, & surprisingly-good pizza.

Project: Create a membership landing page, a personal membership page, and a business membership page that all clearly explain the benefits of membership and entice them to join.

Final designs

Membership landing page

Personal membership

Join Business.png

Business membership

TLDR: here are the final pieces. Tap to view full-size. reading for a deep-dive into the process.

The current site

The current membership page is just a confusing chart. It makes your eyes dart back & forth. Readers can't quickly see why they should become a member. Choosing between the types and tiers of membership is also difficult.

Homepage NOW.png

Task 1: Explain the benefits of membership

Previously, you had to visit a separate page of all copy if you wanted to find out why you should join. Our first task was to tell the story quicker.

WhyJoin OLD.png had a more modern approach but the selections were still too long.

WhyJoin Canada.png

Our solution was to spread the benefits across two sections on the new Membership landing page.

At the top of the page, we added a row of benefits with icons for quick scanning.

WhyJoin NOW2.png

Further down the page, we added larger cards to tell more of the story.

WhyJoin NOW.png

Task 2: Explain membership services

We also were tasked with raising the prominence of Services; exclusive discounts and perks on things like vacations, prescription drugs, home insurance, and even mortgages. Services are a big part of membership but they're not heavily promoted.

The client proposed a row of cards.

Services BEFORE.png

We revised the cards to be more informative and less redundant.

I worked with multiple stakeholders to decide which services to include and how to speak about them. We settled on 12 different services for the main landing page and individual subsets for the personal and business pages.

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