Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

Stakeholders: SNHU design and admissions leadership

Agency: Deloitte Digital

Role: Sole UX Writer

Overview: Create a new application experience for students.

Challenges: The existing application wasn't student-centric and didn't match with their enthusiastic / earnest brand. The client provided copy, but they were not happy when they saw

it in layout.

Project: I was called in to recommend new copy. First, we looked at the entire flow–50+ screens– from beginning to end. We reorganized the content and were able to cut out 1/3 of the screens Then, I rewrote the copy to be more user-centric. The new copy is easier to understand, clearly sets expectations, and empowers the user to stick with the process.

Feedback: When the client saw the updated screens they said “YES! This captures who we are and how we want to sound. Perfect!

Here are just a few of the screens that highlight the changes: