Agency: Wunderman

Role: Copywriter

essie's nail polish vending machines, Color Boutiques, were languishing in airports across the country. To increase awareness and boost sales, we gave each machine its own personality and activation ideas based on where it was located. 

We created Instagram accounts for every Color Boutique location.

Each account had its own voice and was able to share news, tips, and inspiration relevant to that location. The color boutiques could even talk to each other - sharing local tips and even asking for advice.

Meet your local Essie Color Boutique

We created fun, mobile experiences so fans could discover the right look for them. This was perfect

for people with time to kill in airports or waiting for friends at the mall.

Imagine the #colorbilities



Beauty expert, Michelle Phan brought her passion and skills right to Essie fans. She taught fans how to create fun nail art and even hosted special classes in select locations as part of our series called Essie Color Boutique University, or #ecbU for short.