Stakeholders: Apple retail leadership

Agency: Deloitte Digital

Role: Creative Director, content strategist, & sole UX writer

Overview: Demonstrate the value of the Apple ecosystem of products, apps, & services at a third-party retail store through AR.

Challenges: COVID-19 created some truly unique obstacles. Because of the Shelter-in-place order, we couldn't set up a central location to attack the assignment as a team. Everything had to be done remote and on different schedules.


The AR experience was supposed to use actual in-store products as interaction points. Instead, the products would have to be recreated using 3D models.


Oh, and we had just 5 weeks to deliver the proof of concept.

Map 1.png

First, we created a matrix of the hardware and software that would need to be featured.

After a quick, but rigorous content audit, we settled on a map of five user journeys which were then further segmented into more specific interests and use cases.

In the interest of time, we decided the demo would showcase Health & Wellness and specifically Monitor Health.


We started by brownboxing the experience using stand-in products. Brownboxing is a simple technique to start bringing virtual experiences to life. It helps you visualize what's in the physical world space and what's happening in the screen space. It also allows for rapid design changes and fixes without losing lots of time at the computer.


Next, we started overlaying UI elements & copy.

Proof of concept